About us

We have the privilege of inhabiting one of the most impressive beaches in Tulum.

The Cinco layout gives you an ocean view whether you are on a beach bed or above in the lounge area or sitting at the restaurant and bar.
At Cinco every seat is coveted, where you will always see the turquoise Caribbean waters.
Areas are spaced for privacy and appropriate social distancing.

What you will love about Cinco Beach

Cinco offers a daytime restaurant and bar to enjoy the stunning Tulum beach. The friendly local staff care about your experience and will help make your visit comfortable. All seafood is fresh and local. Ceviche is made to order. The guacamole is a local favorite and perfect to share.  Try the vegan bowl of the day or any of the tacos. The burger is hand ground from a rib eye steak. The bartenders are inventive and craft beautiful and delicious cocktails on request. Mexican wines are featured and wine lists rotated. Don’t forget to try a coconut picked from our garden.

Set in the National Park on the premier beach of Tulum, Cinco Beach exudes feelings of the jewel of the Caribbean. The sand feels like powder between your toes. The ocean is a crystal clear turquoise blue, with fish and occasional rays swimming around you. The reef is so close it keeps the waves out and the water calm for swimming. The pelicans gliding overhead and drop down to fish around you. Turtles choose this area to nest. The broad beach that ends at the Archeological site gives you an ocean view of the Tulum ruins. In times of sargasso, Cinco beaches get the least amount of seaweed in the region and it is quickly managed.  Easy access to snorkeling tours take you directly to see the Mesoamerican Reef.

With so many beach clubs in Tulum, what sets Cinco apart?

The understated elegance of the natural dune and it’s ecosystem, which is home to diverse species, and gives the restaurant it’s lush green view by the turquoise ocean. Cinco has that laid back feeling that made us all fall in love with Tulum. The unpretentious vibe where everyone is welcome and the prices are kept reasonable while offering the best quality and attention. These and so many other reasons draw Tulum residents and locals to choose Cinco as their preferred beach spot.