”Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax”

Our tents

Cinco includes four medium and three large tents set under 100 coconut palms.  All tent rooms have King size beds and furniture that create an upscale camping experience. Hang your frocks on a clothes rack and keep your valuables in your private safe. Use the Air Conditioning, fans, lighting and electrical power to stay comfortable, but take advantage of the opportunity to disconnect and relax while you help us save energy in this protected area.

Your Stay at Cinco

Reserve your room by sending us an email. The Cinco team wants you to have the best experience visiting Tulum. Please tell us what time you arrive so we can receive you personally. In advance of your stay, you will receive a welcome email with instructions for your arrival. Let us know if you need help booking a tour, want a restaurant or other local recommendation and if you are celebrating a special occasion so we can help make your stay even more memorable. During the day you have first access to Cinco Beach, which includes a low key daytime restaurant and bar.